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My first book for grown-ups is in the works! Not monster poetry or middle-grade/YA pirates this time, but reflection for parents healing after the loss of a child. Shared voices pack more healing power than all the condolences in the world. It's messy, illuminating, and deeply affirming work.

This book is a long time coming, and I'm thrilled about it. The details of what happened are here—a somewhat cobbled-together chronological archive of the story as it unfolded, plus helpful links to reflection and reckoning for bereaved parents. We find each other and breathe easier, marvelling at familiar quirks along the road to laughing and living again. I’ve had this moment countless times in my travels since Liam died—as the founder of the online community Glow in the Woods, as a 6-time keynote speaker at Canada’s largest infant memorial walk in Edmonton, at my 2011 TEDx talk in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and in real life. More news soon!