If I Were A Zombie (April 2016)

In this hilarious picture book written by Hackmatack Award-nominated author Kate Inglis and brilliantly illustrated by Eric Orchard, two best friends imagine ordinary life as classic monsters and mythical creatures. What would Evan the Zombie do for the school talent show? Who would Poppy the Muddy Wood Fairy have over for dinner? From an alien with three hundred eyeballs to giants and goblin queens, this outrageously entertaining book of back-and-forth poems will delight readers of all ages. Order If I Were A Zombie now! Get monsters hot off the press with international shipping from WoozlesAmazon, or Chapters, so far, or direct from Nimbus.

"Loyalty to oneself and ethical ideals are at the heart of this brilliant and surprising novel. Environment, red tape, crime, capitalism, and survival are topics ably fielded alongside of faithful stewardship, friendship, and what makes a family." —Tanita Davis, Finding Wonderland

In Flight of the Griffons, Missy Bullseye ventures from her pirate crew's Nova Scotian homebase to begin workterms along the road to union-certified junking. From the deep northern woods of Ontario and Quebec to the great western prairies, Missy wanders far on a secret mission—discovering along the way that heroes can look like villains, crimes can look like profit, and heights aren't so bad as long as a true-hearted pirate is holding the rope. Read more about the bookBuy from Canada's oldest independent bookstore (Woozles ships anywhere!), or from a great big American gorilla.

"...A hilarious and highly imaginative tale that plays with the tradition of Atlantic Canada pirate stories. Inglis's spirited prose is a treat to read. Her descriptions of the pirates'  repulsive appearance and foul habits elicit the perfect blend of disgust and glee." — CM Magazine

January Magazine calls The Dread Crew: Pirates Of The Backwoods "a spirited tale, gorgeously rendered." The book was nominated for Hackmatack and Red Cedar Awards, and is now in its fifth edition. The Dread Crew is beautifully illustrated by Halifax native Sydney Smith. Read more about the bookBuy from Canada's oldest independent bookstore (Woozles ships anywhere!), or from a great big American gorilla.


Expressive Photography

"Ten women photographers shooting from the heart collaborate on an eye-candy guidebook that illustrates how delightful and heartfelt images can be captured. From lighting through perspective and composition to approach, the reader is inspired to look at the world with a rejuvenated creative eye... life as it happens. I absolutely loved this book and many times have it by my bedside for inspiration. It will be a cherished present for the avid photography buff." —Sacramento Book Review