envy for the mundane

Reading blogs like this are like slowing down for a car crash..

True. I'd rather just read about someone normal…

I know what you mean. I was like you once. I'd love to tell you about how Evan makes fart noises underwater now, in the bath, with a squeezy toy. And then looks up, beaming, to declare: "Dat's RUDE!"

I wish that's all I had to say. But those reports are trumped by what else is going on. At this moment, 12:33 AM, a neurosurgeon is putting in a shunt to relieve pressure on Liam’s brain from excess fluid caused by hydrocephalus.

Taken away again to the operating room by a faceless crew of masked blue people. I appreciate and resent them, all at once. Or perhaps better put: resenting what they stand for, the fact that we have to be here at all.