...and he speaks


My heart lurches with love for Ben, propelling up and up and up, and then it slows and hangs suspended, switches directions and falls, reeling at what we lost in Liam. There would have been two. There should have been.

Ahh yes, there it is, said my head. There’s that hole in your chest again, the wind howling through it and out the other side. Hello, hole.

I love you too, Liam I said to the room.
I’m busy and good said a voice.
I hope so I replied, glum.

Doesn’t matter if you hope said the voice, all matter-of-fact and exasperated like a teenager demanding the car keys. All that’s here is here whether you hope for it or not.

Hmph. He’s snarky and I smile, and he knows it.

(Hello, hole.)


Next up? Puppies in soft-focus. Warm cookies and crackling fires. The adventures of Mr. Nobody, he who lives in Nowhereland, courtesy of Evan. Maybe another plunge into the basketcase. Who knows.