Mommy, where is the other baby, the baby like Ben?

That was Liam, sweets.

Is he in the hospital? Can I see him?

He’s your spirit-brother and he lives with the stars, and in your heart.

I don’t have a heart. I’m a big boy.

You do, goose. You are a big, beautiful boy with a big, beautiful heart. Liam watches you all the time and when he does, he’s with you right there in your heart.

But I don’t see him. Why can’t I see him?

Because he was a sick little baby, and he couldn’t stay with us, so he went up to the stars where they made him all better.

Mommy, sometimes I can’t remember Liam.

Oh sweetie, that’s okay. Daddy and me will help you remember him.

I miss Liam mommy.

I know love, we all miss him.

What is daddy going to dream about tonight?

Mountains. Big mountains with snowy peaks and scraggly trees and black bears all dripping with blueberry juice.

What are you going to dream about tonight?

Fishotopia, the place where the fish walk around on the land and the people walk around underneath the water and they come out in boats to try and catch us but we’re all too quick.

What is Evan going to dream about tonight?

Monkeys on ferris wheels.

What is Ben going to dream about tonight?

Ummm… let me see. How about… friendly tugboats?

No mommy. Ben is going to dream about dumpsters and excavators.

Oh. Okay.

What is Liam going to dream about tonight?

You, sweets. Liam dreams about you.