Slide whistles and kisses


Evan ‘Mr. Miyagi’ Inglis has adopted the ‘wax on, wax off’ method of highchair self-defense, deflecting offending spoonfuls and washcloths alike. A subtle but telling change has recently occurred: the discovery of cause and effect. He doesn’t say no, exactly – but he has no problem expressing it.

On the brink of his first birthday, the learning curve is boarded and ready for liftoff. Today he figured out how to play his new slide whistle, and didn’t let go of it for three hours. He’s doing his best to give a ‘kiss’, which is comprised of launching himself headlong towards the object of affection, mouth wide open, and pressing tongue against cheek. Sounds random, but it’s not: he then pulls away, looks at me and smiles. He knows.

See? I kiss you. mmmMMWAAH!