For those who don't speak evanese

Goodledee Goodledee Goodledee Goodledee
Guduh Guduh Guduh
Diggity diggah deediggity diggah
Deeedle deeedle gadeeedle
Goodledee Goodledee Goodledee
Gooteh deeesa gooosstee gooot
Tika tika tika tika
Ingledee diggity aaagggh!

(I got KNOCKED OVER by a DOGGY today and I landed in the water and I got all WET and salty and seaweedy and I cried but then I was okay but I was wet so mommy took off my shirt and then I was a BIG BOY because I was at the beach with a bare tummy and a DOGGY and I found ROCKS and some of them had CRITTERS in them and mommy called them periwinkles and I had three of them in my FIST but then we put them away so they would be HAPPY and I was SOOOOO MAD when we had to go but I had SAND in my BUM so we had to go home and I had a SHOWER and it was FUN and THAT’S ALL for now.)