Spinoff effect: not just for kids

"When The Dread Crew came in the mail, Dustan snatched it up before I could. And since then I haven't gotten to it. But I know it will rock my world because here's Dustan's review:

D:  Hey, I finished Kate's book, Pirates In the Woods. (I know. I can't get him to reprogram. Your title just got Americanized.)

B:  The Dread Crew? How was it?

D:  Ok. I have this idea. Are you ready for this? We are going to do this... this Scavenger Hunt for our kids, it will be a story, except it will be REAL. (I'm ironing a shirt, he's pacing the floor).

D:  When our kids are really young, we write a story. It's about a boy or a girl who finds a key in a basement under a stone tile that goes to a box that has a map in it. And that map leads to a treasure. And it takes a really really long time to get to this treasure. It has to be really grand. And then one day - like when it's their 5th birthday or something - we tell them - go look in the basement. And suddenly they realize, they're IN their favorite story we've always told them. And because we've always told them, they know it by heart. So they know where to find that key. It's the key from the story. And it takes them years to unfold all the clues. And we have it all planned out. They never know when a clue will come. It might be a special day. It might be just an ordinary day. But the clues all unravel in their lifetime. Wouldn't that be SO COOL?

Me:  (Blinking) Yeah!

That's your review from this end (so far). "Pirates In the Woods" made the mind of a thirty-year-old dude re-spin in wanderlust of childhood."

—Betsy of Tales from the Dairy Air