I do


I haven't had much to say this summer. And now I want to say something but it's this defeaning silence to overcome and I feel like whatever I say should justify the weeks of nothing. We got a hand-me-down trampoline and it's a monstrosity but the children eat, sleep, and bathe in mid-air and so it stays. It's rained too much. I wish I had the second book done but I don't. I wrote something else, though, and maybe I'll tell you about it sometime. I'm trying to find paper for it. It's daunting.

In the meantime, I'm shooting weddings. Two this past weekend, another tomorrow, again in October. Sophia and Joe, above, were in June. More is here.

Shooting weddings has been a joy. It's fish in a barrel. Everyone's shiny, happy, and accepting of the camera. I direct and climb up and yell EYES TO ME! and lie on the grass and shoulder my way through the dance floor and then I come home and stay up in Lightroom until 3 AM because I can't sleep without the reassurance that I got what was needed (even if failing to do so can't be remedied).

So far, it's been a rowing club, a sailing club, a skatepark, and a barn. Handmade lace, blue suede pumps, plaid ties, and pincurls. I'm processing madly and can't wait to share more. Tomorrow, it's a German alpaca and llama homestead along the Lunenburg coast. I plug three outlets' worth of batteries in, reformat 48 GBs of memory cards, try to not make it all mean so much, and stare at the unsleeping ceiling in giddy anticipation of so many fish.