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for her, for me

I lament aging with the certainty I would never trade places with myself at 22. Relative to who I am now, I had no mysticism. I was less self-assured and more hesitant. A deal is not a good deal if the only pro on the other side of it is an ass.

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man's red flower

I don't know why it's always old music, but it is. Me and Billie Holiday and a coyote on pitch black sand. Me and Ben and Louis Prima in the kitchen. The sailmaker's chest, the captain's trunk, the patchwork of black and grey and pinstriped suit.

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joy of cooking

Enough enough enough, good grief. Good grief, maybe, but it takes a turn in your belly like too much lobster. A girl in grade nine looked me up after a school reading and sent me an email that said You've changed the way I think.

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