Photography Intensive:

Creative Skills & Drills with Kate Inglis

September 12-14, 2014

Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada

This workshop, following on the fundamentals retreat of 2013, will give us a quick refresher on photographic mechanics, but will then launch into an intensive intermediate shooting experience with creative prompts and assignments to practice theories of composition and light, and to improve camera skills.


::   Learn how to troubleshoot through creative and mechanical stumbling blocks

::   Break free of compositional habits and gain a fresh eye

::   Practice the vision and execution of conceptual portraits

::   Practice reactiveness for candid portraits

::   Walk through post-processing basics for optimal finishing

::   Learn how to approach and master shoot-planning, from location and positioning to styling


Bring your camera and its manual (if you have it) as well as any other photography equipment—tripod, remote, or additional lenses. External flashes not required. SLR, point-and-shoot, or phone cameras welcome, though the more manual functionality your camera offers, the more you'll get out of the experience. Prior to the workshop, have a basic knowledge of your camera's functions—don't feel like you have to study up, but the more aware you are of your camera's main controls, the better.

Since our focus this year is more broadly on shooting, editing, and sharing, please bring download cables and/or laptops as well as a clean USB thumb drive.


the weekend workshop experience

Shed Workshops are a somewhat crowd-sourced teeny-tiny creative ashram—you'll be comfortable and well-fed, and you will spend your time learning, contemplating, and shooting intensively. The result will be a weekend that will make you feel more capable, more passionately engaged, and more instinctive with your camera in-hand.

Setting: A few steps from the Atlantic ocean along the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. Kate's wooden shed by a bubbling creek. Outside fires and good food and big pillows. Banjos and musical surprises. Peek at the inaugural shed workshop of 2013.


Travel: The nearest airport is the Halifax International Airport, a one-hour drive away. Car rental is available. Almost all long-distance or travelling participants connect up to ride-share.

Accommodations: We will accommodate everyone either on-site, or at one of two lake houses nearby. We will get everyone sorted and comfortable and we'll probably eat too much.


Cost: $249.00 includes one and a half days of instruction, two nights of accommodation, all meals, and real maple syrup.

Schedule: Let's gather by the fire pit at 5 PM on Friday, September 12, 2014. We will spend all day Saturday shooting and learning, continuing on Sunday morning and wrapping up in the early afternoon.

Register here by August 15, 2014, or contact me with any questions.

Kate Inglis co-authored Expressive Photography: The Shutter Sisters Guide To Shooting From The Heart (2010), and her photography is featured throughout Cheryl Arkison's book A Month Of Sundays (2013) and in her upcoming book, 'From Spark To Binding' (2015). For several years she has photographed families, portraits, and weddings, and has led workshops at Pen & Paper, Serendipity, and Squam-by-the-Sea retreats.