Landing April 30, 2014

"The Dread Crew (the first in the series) is the exciting debut of an extremely gifted, original writer. Sparkling wordplay ... unforgettable characters in a world so richly imagined, readers will want more, more, more. I've become a Dread Crew tracker and huge Inglis fan." —Sheree Fitch



Please do not email me for real estate on this website: ad space, reviews, or giveaways. I don't do that, and never will, so don't ask. To the wholly unconnected marketing machine: consider this the snarling dogs on my front porch. To everyone else: a smile.

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my journal

It's got bits pasted all over it and stuffed into its pages, torn strips of subway maps and tickets and the orphaned sentences of other people and a lost key and an illustrated plate of a small brown moth. Why? Insulation, maybe. If I use glue on it, if I doodle and fold and use it as a junk drawer, then I can shrug at all the scratched-out mess that would otherwise be cleanly deleted.

Every now and then I might share some scribbles, even though I know it's just scribbles. Everyone's got those.


Resistance is interesting.