The Dread Crew reaches Scotland, 'entrances'

"The Dread Crew is a children's book, but like all the best children's books, that means that adults can ostensibly buy it for someone else and read it themselves on the sly.

The book as a whole was.. I find it hard to pinpoint the correct word. 'Entrancing' is closest. It's the kind of book that, as a child, I loved: a clever and resourceful child (that would be me, of course) discovers that behind the facade of normal life, strange and wonderful things not only exist, but thrive, and are there for the discovering. Kate's unique, startlingly original turns of phrase, her vividly quirky descriptions and most of all her sly, earthy humour are all there. With pirates! How can you resist?"

Loth of The Gym Isn't Working lives in Nova Scotia's motherland. Read her review here. Thank you, Loth, for the lovely feedback and for getting your copy of the book properly dented and scruffy, as it should be.