A small but determined chirp

On November 9, 2009, we headed downtown for the book launch. By Christmas the books were in hands and on shelves and holiday season readings were wrapped up. Before too long it felt like it was over. I released a book once and sheer terror and nerves to the point of being peeled raw and then ... just ... quiet.

It was a great quiet. The publishers' warehouse sold out in three months. You can't get a better quiet than that. Not that it was a million-book first edition. But still. It was a great quiet.

But with no books left to sell, and with store inventories scattered at best, we were in a holding pattern until spring. Until the second edition -- an expanded softcover -- would replenish supply and mark the beginning of broader distribution.

I'd been thinking of The Spring like some distant, ethereal thing. Which is always is in a Nova Scotian January. But the other day someone asked When should I post my review? and I said You can wait a while, like, say... and I looked down at the calendar. It was the end of March. Jan-Feb-Mar- - - April.



April 17, to be exact. The ink is drying right this second.

And so it all starts up again. Readings and workshops, school visits and signings. And somewhere, in the middle of all of that plus lego-play and client work, the finishing of the second book -- the manuscript for which is due in November. Can I do this again? A small voice chirps back yep! from underneath an unceremonious pile of debris thrown there in the last flurry.

I'd almost forgotten. I have a book, and it's about pirates. Pirates in the woods.

Yes, and all over again.