Part memoir, part handbook for the heartbroken, this powerful, unsparing account of loss will speak to all who have been bereaved and are grieving, and offers inspiration on moving forward, gently integrating the loss into life.

Kate is the first person I reached out to when my son Oliver died. When I was dealing with the unimaginable, her writing helped me more than I could ever describe.
— Irene Nam, Paris, France

When Kate Inglis’s twin boys were born prematurely, one survived and the other did not. Inglis's story is a springboard that can help other bereaved parents—and anyone who has experienced wrenching loss—reflect on emotional survival in the first year; dealing with family, friends, and bystanders post-loss; the unique survivors' guilt, feelings of failure, and isolation of bereavement; and the fortitude of like-minded community and small kindnesses.

Inglis's unique voice—at once brash, irreverent, and achingly beautiful—creates a nuanced picture of the landscape of grief, encompassing the trauma, the waves of disbelief and emptiness, the moments of unexpected affinity and lightness, and the compassion that grows from our most intense chapters of the human experience.

Notes for the Everlost is the most beautifully written book I have read in ages, and a great deal more besides: comforting, and sad; full of riddles and wisdom; an unsparing map of grief, with its stubborn terrain and dark jokes and switchback heartbroken roads. This book is great company for terrible times.” —Elizabeth McCracken, author of Thunderstruck & Other Stories

“Kate Inglis is a wise, flexible, and ultimately hopeful guide through the inhospitable country of mourning. She is also fierce—fiercely angry, fiercely funny and, most of all, fiercely loving.” —Katherine Ashenburg, author of The Mourner’s Dance

“Highly recommended for anyone in the throes of grief, recent or past.” —Library Journal (starred)

“An emotional and thought-provoking mix of poetic prose, memories, and beliefs on death, loss, and grief.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Inglis gently shows bereaved parents what at first is unimaginable: that their grief will not always be suffocating, and that, while they will always be bereaved … they will also come to be ‘countless other things.’”—Foreword Reviews

“Highly recommended not only for bereaved parents but for anyone who knows someone who has faced such a loss and doesn’t know how to act or what to say in the face of their suffering.”—Lion’s Roar

“A mother’s story on losing her son, but also a lyrical connection to all who have grieved—and a work of deep humanity.”—Spirituality & Health

“A rollicking, rowdy hoot of a book with humor akin to Roald Dahl at his most satirically anti-establishment, and humorous, evocative language that echoes Goldman’s The Princess Bride.” —Lois Rubin Gross, Children's Literature

Wherever they go, the pirates chew up the forest with that giant wood ship. All they care about is junk and they'll crush anything that gets in the way. I was just as blind to it as you until one day I tripped over a clue. What else was there to do? I became a pirate hunter...

The Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods is a middle grade adventure illustrated by the award-winning Sydney Smith and published by Nimbus—order your copy from any retailer big or small!

"The Dread Crew is a tale of imagination and friendship. This is a spirited tale, gorgeously rendered. A debut work from a confident writer I feel sure will delight us again in the future." —January Magazine

"Inglis's spirited prose is a treat to read. Her descriptions of the pirates' repulsive appearance and foul habits elicit the perfect blend of disgust and glee." —CM Magazine

“Missy and her fellow pirates gives readers faith in the tenacity and goodness of human nature. The writing is taut, crisp and, in places, overpoweringly beautiful, conveying wisdom and deep emotion at the same time. Buy both volumes!” —CM Magazine

In Flight of the Griffons, the sequel to The Dread Crew, we follow Missy Bullseye as she ventures from the deep northern woods of Ontario and Quebec to the great western prairies, discovering heroes who look like villains, crimes that look like profit, and heights that aren’t so bad—as long as a true-hearted pirate is holding the rope. Order your copy direct from Nimbus or from any retailer big or small!

"Loyalty to oneself and ethical ideals are at the heart of this brilliant and surprising novel. Environment, red tape, crime, capitalism, and survival are topics ably fielded alongside of faithful stewardship, friendship, and what makes a family. If you're looking for a thoughtful, fast-paced, mad-cap, entertaining novel which will delight you, pick this up. Res upp! Life is GOOD!" —Tanita Davis, Finding Wonderland

"Flight of the Griffons has many deft and wonderful turns of phrase... the book is simultaneously literary and adventure-filled." —Sue Fisher, Curator, Eileen Wallace Children's Literature Collection

“A boisterous trip through the twisted and often gory delights of a child’s imagination, ‘If I Were A Zombie’ is a picture book that’s fun and gross at the same time. What could be better?” —National Reading Campaign

In this hilarious picture book written by Hackmatack Award-nominated author Kate Inglis and drawn by award-winning illustrator Eric Orchard, two best friends imagine ordinary life as classic monsters and mythical creatures. From an alien with three hundred eyeballs to giants and goblin queens, this outrageously entertaining book of back-and-forth poems will delight readers of all ages. Order your copy direct from Nimbus or from any retailer big or small!

"If I Were a Zombie is an entertaining book that showcases the endless possibilities of imagination. There is a great sense of energy in these pages—a fun read with a lot of potential for active play." —CM Magazine

From celebrated children’s poet and author Sheree Fitch and early childhood educator Anne Hunt comes this illustrated compendium of Atlantic Canadian poetry and verse for young readers. Spanning the centuries from Milton Acorn and Kathleen Winter to Kate Inglis, its broad thematic scope—soft lullabies, silly, jiggly lyrics, and poignant meditations—from the region’s best is sure to delight educators, parents, and young readers everywhere.

"Ten women photographers collaborate on an eye-candy guidebook that illustrates how delightful and heartfelt images can be captured. From lighting through perspective and composition, the reader is inspired to look at the world with a rejuvenated creative eye... I absolutely loved this book. It will be a cherished present for the avid photography buff." —Sacramento Book Review