Flight of the Griffons

A world richly imagined, with juicy characters, gobsmackingly fresh language, and a tale that’s riveting and complex. Kate Inglis’ writing is exquisite—never ordinary—and this book has that IT factor, a combination of magic and mystery and lushness. Missy Bullseye oughta rub shoulders with Harry Potter on the world stage. Read this BRILLIANT book. It is one of those rare ones.
— Sheree Fitch

In Flight of the Griffons, the sequel to The Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods, we follow young Missy Bullseye as she ventures from her pirate crew’s adopted Nova Scotian home base to begin probationary work terms along the road to union-certified junking. From the deep northern woods of Ontario and Quebec to the great western prairies, Missy wanders far on a secret mission—one that turns her against her own.

While tracking and spying on a blacklisted crew, Missy encounters mechanical moths, an outlawed tilt-rotor airship, a mega-pipeline, and the unexpected sound of grassland drums. What she discovers along the way is that heroes can look like villains, crimes can look like profit, and heights aren’t so bad—as long as a true-hearted pirate is holding the rope.

Includes 15 full-page illustrations from award-winning artist Sydney Smith. Flight of the Griffons is available from Amazon, or order from your favourite corner bookshop—in Canada via Nimbus, and in America via Orca Books. Woozles, Canada's oldest independent children's bookstore, ships anywhere.

"Missy and her fellow pirates gives readers faith in the tenacity and goodness of human nature. The writing style is taut, crisp and, in places, overpoweringly beautiful, conveying wisdom and deep emotion at the same time. Flight of the Griffons could be read as a stand-alone, but to have read the first one in the series would make it more satisfying! So buy both volumes!" —CM Magazine

"Loyalty to oneself and ethical ideals are at the heart of this brilliant and surprising novel. Environment, red tape, crime, capitalism, and survival are topics ably fielded alongside of faithful stewardship, friendship, and what makes a family. If you're looking for a thoughtful, fast-paced, mad-cap, entertaining novel which will delight you, pick this up. Res upp! Life is GOOD!" —Tanita Davis, Finding Wonderland

"Kate Inglis’ Flight of the Griffons has many deft and wonderful turns of phrase... (her) writing like this shows a respect for the child reader and exudes the author’s own love of language. The result is a book that is simultaneously literary and adventure-filled." —Sue Fisher, Curator, Eileen Wallace Children's Literature Collection, University of New Brunswick

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