end and beginning

I've sent the sequel manuscript to Penelope. It required a backhoe. It's a big one - The Dread Crew came in at just over 37,000 words. Flight of the Griffons, as a complete first (second, technically) draft: 56,925. We'll either have to chop almost half the story, or... maybe... I don't know. Could it be good enough to be two books, or does that wish make me the most self-indulgent author in the history of self-indulgent authors?

We'll see. For the next month or longer, I'm banned. No edits, no mulling, no additions, no tweaks. The story is in my editor's hands and from there, we'll figure out what to do with this heavyweight of a creature, perhaps set a deadline, and look forward to line editing and production.

More when I know more...