a month of sundays

I fell in love with a baby on the job. Shoot and cuddle, shoot and cuddle. Me an' the kid on the porch swing nibbling homemade shortbread with cocoa nibs (shhh) while my camera downloaded x thousand more frames for his talented mother's new book, my first solo photography credit.

Late last spring, I stayed in Calgary with my brother for a week but we only got out for fifteen minutes of prairie sushi. I was a working phantom. My camera smelled like burnt plastic. I've never shot so much in my life. 8-10 shoots every day, each with different setups, locations, and people, all of which Cheryl and I styled and collaborated on. Her book stacks up countless weekends and inspirations for modern quilters: dinner parties, treasure-hunting, scrappy knees, painting, afternoon projects, forest walks, impromptu parades, raspberry custard, vintage bikes, and, god knows, quilts. Great big huge warm art that I am bred to deeply appreciate, being the proud daughter of a quilter myself.

Find out more about Cheryl's work here, and follow her sewing at Dining Room Empire. A Month of Sundays is on the Stash Books layout table right now—this summer, it hits the shelves. Pre-order here. In the meantime, here are a few moments—some landed in the book, some on the floor. We offered up a lot, like a stack of cut triangles, and who knows which ones will be incorporated from the felt board... but look. It was a wealth of beautiful light, contemporary and brilliant pattern and colour design, heaps and heaps of fat quarters and cotton bundles, and good food and play. Just like home.

CA_2012-06-30 11.56.15-camera.jpg
CA_2012-07-01 13.53.540-baby.jpg

I'm blessed to be able to work with gifted, creative people in unexpected and wonderful ways. Sometimes there's blue ice cream. Sometimes there's a yummy little bald head to nose up against.

Many congratulations to Stash Books and to Cheryl, quilt artist. She unfurled a gigantic excel spreadsheet like Santa's naughty list. We got through it all! We did it, and it's about to exist. These are lucky days.