Island time


It's a pre-launch party flurry over here. Stick-on-tattoos that I'm over the moon about! Custom fabric for prize bags! Now that Ben has decided to show up as a 'zombie baseball player' to the If I Were A Zombie Monster Mash Book Launch Party in Halifax at the Central Library (Saturday May 21st! 2-4 PM! Here's the event page on Facebook), we're visiting Frenchy's on the regular. We brought home a garbage bag full of clothes to rip and tear and slash, and realized that there's an art to monster-fying otherwise ordinary stuff. On the next sunny day: outdoors paint splattering, smushing, mud-making. By the time we're done, the tickle trunks we're bringing to the party are going to be overflowing. Take your pick!

In the meantime, we hit the idyllic Prince Edward Island for a book reading event put on by the excellent Bookmark in Charlottetown, and for two super-exciting CBC Radio interviews. When you're nine and eleven years old, this is how you show 'We Are Grateful To Be Here And Will Be On Our Best Behaviour':

Here's my interview with the lazy-day soundtrack DJ and all-around super-nice Bill Roach of the maritime-region show Weekend Mornings—during which Bill reminded me that not everyone knows what a tickle trunk even is, heaven forbid!

I don't think Evan and Ben will ever fully recover from their backstage pass to the CBC Charlottetown studios for our interview with Karen Mair for Mainstreet. They were dancing in the control room through the whole thing, and waving! LOOK! OVER HERE!

Then, stars and rainbows! Karen suggested that they might do one of the 'You are listening to CBC Radio' plugs. So they got all hooked up, with big headphones and everything, and tried it. Then tried it again. Then tried it again. It's worth a listen, because it's that sort of giggle that's got fairydust in it, don't you think?

The whole thing—four takes, crack-ups, and all—was live on the air throughout the program. It was the ice cream cone after supper. Many thanks, CBC Radio! You are on in my kitchen forever.