My mermaids


I've been remiss for too long! Remiss but in whatever way makes remiss-ness kind of wonderful. Too silent on this front, but because I'm creating things: new picture books, new partnerships, a new website, an eventual-possible podcast, and loads on the horizon for the fall when Notes for the Everlost sparkles into existence from Shambhala Books. Huzzah! 

Catching up with even sparklier sparkliness—last fall, we gathered at the Halifax Central Library to launch Whispers of Mermaids and Wonderful Things—a poetry anthology edited by Ann Hunt and Sheree Fitch—a truly enchanting book for all ages and all the ages, including my poem about a friendly merman who knows just what to do when the world news weighs heavy.

This book is one of those family-heirloom treasures. A lazy-day cuddle, a dreamscape by the woodstove, a favourite for when the grandkids come over. I'd gush over this beautiful creation even if I weren't in it! Order your copy through Nimbus today for the ocean-watchers in your life. Says the lovely Kerry Clare:

"Everything Sheree Fitch touches is more than a little bit magic. Although in the case of her latest project, the anthology Whispers of Mermaids and Wonderful Things: Atlantic Canadian Poetry and Verse for Children, co-edited with Anne Hunt, she’s not the only magic-maker. ... To take this book off the shelf and leaf through at random, see where the pages fall open or where the poem catches your eye. To make a ritual of it, a poem before bed, perhaps, or first thing in the morning, like a vitamin. To revel in the words and rhymes, and share that wonder with the people around you..." —Kerry Clare

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