kate inglis

author of pirates and monsters

The Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods (2009)


What a mess. See, wherever they go, the pirates chew up the forest, all mindless crashing with that giant woodship. All they care about is junk and they'll crush anything that gets in the way. I was just as blind to it as you until one day I tripped over a clue. And then another. What else was there to do? I became a pirate hunter. I tracked them like a thunderstorm. I collected evidence and found their trail. Then they disappeared. Then I met the weirdest girl in the world. Turns out she was their scout. Then together we stole their ship. By the time you get to the end you see it’s really just the beginning.

The Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods is beautifully illustrated by Governor General award-winning Halifax native Sydney Smith, published by Nimbus, and stocked by retailers such as Chapters.ca and Amazon.ca in Canada and Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble in the USA.

To order from your favourite independent bookstore, ask them to contact Nimbus in Canada and Orca Books in the USA. Halifax's beloved Woozles, Canada's oldest independent children's bookstore, ships internationally.

"The Dread Crew is a tale of imagination and friendship. This is a spirited tale, gorgeously rendered. A debut work from a confident writer I feel sure will delight us again in the future." —January Magazine

"A rollicking, rowdy hoot of a book... there are identifiable characters for both boys and girls, and humor akin to Roald Dahl at his most satirically anti-establishment. Illustrations are detailed and lovingly rendered, but the humorous, evocative language creates its own word pictures. The Dread Crew's very words echo Goldman’s The Princess Bride..." —Lois Rubin Gross, Children's Literature

"The Dread Crew is the exciting debut of an extremely gifted, original writer. Sparkling wordplay, drop-dread humour, kooky, unforgettable characters in a world so richly imagined, readers will want more, more, more. I've become a Dread Crew tracker and huge Inglis fan." —Author Sheree Fitch

"Inglis's spirited prose is a treat to read. Her descriptions of the pirates' repulsive appearance and foul habits elicit the perfect blend of disgust and glee." —CM Magazine

"There is a strong message to this book, but the imaginative scope, slapstick humour and overall joyful noise of the whole package runs counter to any dread didacticism. The illustrations by Sydney Smith are both playful and otherworldly. They are the perfect match for Inglis' belching, romping, refreshing words." —Sue Fisher, Curator, Eileen Wallace Children's Literature Collection, University of New Brunswick

"There are still pirates in Nova Scotia. They roam the barely-lit edges of his world ... it's a world filled with secret documents, maps, and mysterious totems. Kate has made a world where there is still adventure in the woods... Kids love stories about any creatures more poorly behaved than themselves, and the pirates of the backwoods will not disappoint even the most unruly jackanape under your roof." —James Griffioen

"The Dread Crew is a wildly imaginative frolic through a woods that is both eerily dark and splendidly foolish... this book is a nonstop roller coaster of kid-flavoured fun and excitement." —Author Steve Vernon

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