"If I Were a Zombie is a boisterous trip through the twisted and often gory delights of a child’s imagination. This is a picture book that is fun and gross at the same time: what could be better?

...Inglis knows just what appeals to children, and gleefully presents us with a sea monster that eats squid lips and fish guts, a ninja that eats Boston cream doughnuts, and a burping goblin. Orchard has just as much fun with his exuberant illustrations: my favourite is Poppy as a filthy fairy swinging from a tree branch. This is a delightful, entertaining book that is sure to be a hit with kids." —National Reading Campaign

"If I Were a Zombie is an entertaining book that showcases the endless possibilities of imagination. There is a great sense of energy in these pages—a fun read with a lot of potential for active play.

...Poppy and Evan each create poems as they fantasize about being a variety of strange and exciting creatures, from monsters to mermaids. Since the characters of the story use the poems as part of a game, it’s easy to imagine these lines being enthusiastically delivered out loud. If I Were a Zombie is a great choice for anyone who loves monsters, poetry, and imagination." —CM Magazine

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