Podcast: Spawned


“At some point in our lives, we’ll experience a loss, whether it’s an immediate family member of our own, or someone close to us who has lost a loved one. We all navigate the process of grief, from our own to supporting someone else who’s going through it, often times without a road map…” —Kristen Chase

Such a great conversation with Kristen Chase of Cool Mom Picks—I love how she turned our time together into an audio guidebook for all griefs, from all angles, in all circles. What to do no matter where you stand. How to stand for your friends. With sass and humour, even in the dark corners. This is the kind of companionship we all yearn for, in bereavement—to be included in the broader circle of parenthood even when you’re Medusa.

Thanks, Kristen. Shining little lights in the dark of winter. Have a listen and let me know what stands out for you—and wherever you are this festive season, stay cozy.