NYE @ Modern Loss


I’m over at the amazing Modern Loss community today with a post on new resolve for a fresh year in a life after loss: “Bracing yourself for a brand new year without someone important? Kate Inglis offers four ways to grieve differently in 2019 (hint: before it ebbs, it has to rage). This is one to read and share the hell out of...”

Be where you are, darling. Start here, and try again tomorrow. That’s all.

Read the whole piece over at Modern Loss.

Every now and then, I come across a big tent that feels comfortable in its sass. There’s a certain rebellious streak I need to note, if it’s going to have the fortitude to include me, the mother of a dead baby. It’s got to be a reclamation of sorts, a straight-forward pride of a weird sort that flies in the face of the western world’s oppression of anything real or raw. It needs to echo what I’ve been feeling for years: that everyone owns their own private conversation with death, and that the peanut gallery that crops up around the grieving—around all grieving—can stick it. The fire of that sass is how we make our lives, which tumble along despite incomprehensible absence(s), warm and beautiful again.

That’s what Modern Loss is. You can feel the air moving around over there. Here’s to all the big tents.